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Be your own PR Agent and generate media coverage without spending thousands of dollars each month or having years of experience. 

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To thrive as a small business in today’s “always-on” world, you need the power of the press to share your message effectively.  Nothing else trumps exploding your brand’s visibility like a top-tier media feature. It’s a sure-fire way to get more clients, earn credibility, stand out from the noisy crowd, and share your experiences with the world.

That’s where The Press System comes in!  The simple to use system can help you secure coverage without you having to spend thousands of dollars to hire a PR Agency or waiting for months to secure coverage. 

The Press System is the Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to get you featured!

You’ll learn everything you need to know about marketing your business, service, or product…

…even if you’ve never done it before or don’t know where to start.

The media industry is cutthroat and hard to break into. You need to get your press materials in front of the right eyeballs if you want your brand to stand out and The Press System is the easiest way to make that happen.

When asked how many pieces a week they file, 39% publish fewer than three articles, 25% publish four to seven articles, and 36% publish more than seven articles per week. That means top journalists are always looking for new sources to feature and include in upcoming articles.  

47% of writers cover some aspects of business or politics, and the vast majority of these journalists find CEOs to be a more credible source for reporting. Even more significant, more journalists find company PR professionals to be more credible sources than agency PR professionals.  

What would it feel like to...

Turn on the local news station to see a feature about how your company is growing and positively impacting your local community? 

Or, open the USA Today or Forbes to see your companies name included in an article in the Business Section next to some of the top names in your industry?  

Or, if your companies latest product launch was featured in TechCrunch or other Top-Tier Media Outlets where you can grab the attention of top investors.

Where is your media presence currently?

Which of these resonates with you the most:

You have a product or service that can help change the lives of others in a positive way… But you just don’t know how to get some brand exposure.

You recently started your business and want to attract more customers and better brand partnerships.

You’re an ambitious entrepreneur seeking more exciting projects and opportunities. But you need to get in front of key influencers and stakeholders.

You’re looking to launch your own business and be recognized as the “go-to expert” or “authority” in your field.


That's why you need strategic PR to launch and scale your brand!

Confidently secure press coverage in major global media outlets.

Show potential clients the value of your products or services.

Increase your client base and expand your influence.

Blow up your profile and spread the word about your brand.

Save thousands of $$$ and build a strong reputation.

And it's possible to achieve all this by yourself with The Press System!

All of these things are possible with The Press System without being stopped by...


Because you’ve gained access to a tool that saves an incredible amount of time by assisting you to create press materials based on approved formats, reset formulas, and detailed instructions.


With The Press System, you no longer need to hire that expensive PR Professional to guide you through the ins and outs of media coverage.  With access, you’ll be on your way to no-cost coverage leaving more money to spend on growing your business.

Lack of Skill

With access to The Press System, the only skill you need is the ability to answer a few questions about your business and a desire to get featured in top media outlets across the globe.

Media Contacts

Your enrollment into The Press System gives you access to specific media lists designed to help you grow.  With basic information such as industry, name, email, etc., you’ll be on your way to newsworthiness before you know it.  

If this sounds like you, I have good news.

It's possible to Be Your Own PR Agent with The Press System

Meaning: you can really “generate” media coverage without spending thousands of dollars on empty promises.  No one knows your company and product better than you do.  The Press System gives you the tools you need, including top media contacts, to help you get started.

You CAN Build Media Contacts that are RIGHT for YOU

Did you know that journalists receive hundreds of media pitches each and every day?  With The Press System, you’ll learn the ins and outs of what makes a story newsworthy and how to craft the perfect press release.  

Grow Awareness & Authority without Spending Thousands

Wondering how that can be accomplished?    Let me introduce you to The Press System.  Developed by a team of Senior PR Professionals, The Press System is a simple-to-follow tool that helps you write attention-grabbing press releases that get opened and shared.  

Would Your Company Benefit from an Article on

A Bit About Us

Our team of senior PR professionals, lead by Forbes Business Council Member, Michelle Harris, has spent decades creating media opportunities for small businesses just like yours.

Michelle has more than 25 years of public relations, crisis communications, and corporate consulting experience creating and implementing media campaigns that drive engagement.  Some of her many clients include Dodge, Gya Labs, Marriott Vacation Club International, GetzWell Pediatrics, Sherpa Chai, The Travel Corporation, Live Wise Naturals, and many, many others.  

As the Co-Founder of Ballistic Media Group, Michelle and her team work tirelessly with media outlets across the globe.  

For The Press System, Michelle and her team have taken their experience working with large corporate clients and combined it with the skills they developed working with boutique firms to create a one-of-a-kind tool that makes building a communications plan simple and straightforward. 


You’ve Got Questions; We’ve got answers.

What type of business is this for? 

The Press System will work for any business: whether you’re in the B2B space or the B2C space. This means it works for:

  1. Consultants
  2. Coaches
  3. Service-based business
  4. Creative entrepreneurs/business owners
  5. Non-profits
  6. Product-based businesses

And so on.  

If you’re a business that wants to start marketing yourself from an experience or desire-based standpoint, then this is definitely for you. 

Why is this tool different

The Press System gives you the tools to handle your own PR efforts like a pro.

I'm no writer

The Press System is easy to navigate and provides you with tons of samples to help you craft documents that are easy to read and appear to be written by an expert.

Why would anyone want to write about me?

Did you know that the vast majority of journalists find CEOs credible sources for reporting? People love to read articles about how other people, just like them, built their businesses. You could be the next big story.

You Could be Featured Here!

Your headline is just a few clicks away.

This Breakthrough Tool will help YOU Get Media Coverage and Grow your Business Without Hiring a PR Agency. 

Here's What's Included in The Press System

We've assembled a comprehensive guide to help start-ups, just like you, leverage the power of the press to grow your business and your authority.

The Basics

We've included a complete overview of public relations today and how you can be part of the conversation.

Crafting the perfect Boilerplate

You'll learn why this single paragraph of text may make the difference in garnering top media placements.

Corporate Fact Sheet Generator

Your company Fact Sheet or Backgrounder is a must to help convey a positive corporate brand and the Fact Sheet Generator by The Press System makes the development of this important document as easy as 1,2,3.

Media Pitching 101

The Media Pitch technique by The Press System shares the tips and tricks used by PR professionals to keep their emails out of the circular file.

Preparing the Perfect Press Release

Knowing how to craft a winning press release is a skill every business executive master. We've included step-by-step instructions to help you craft three of the most used business press releases.

Media Contacts & More

The Press System is the ONLY media placement tool that includes 250 top media contacts to help get your PR campaign started. We've included contacts at top media outlets like USA Today, BuzzFeed, Forbes, Good Housekeeping, TechCrunch, Wirecutter, and much, much more.

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100 Guest Post Sites

Guest blogging is the hottest link-building and self-promotional strategy on the market today. Get access to 100 top Guest Post Sites to submit your newly created press materials with little updates.

Professional Bio Generator

Having a well crafted Bio is an important tool for anyone trying to generator media coverage. Our easy-to-follow tool makes it possible to showcase your successes and leadership skills without having to hire a writer.

Additional Media List

Product sellers understand the power of having a product mentioned on one of the top review sites. But, how can you get your product reviewed? We're sharing our list of contacts for some of the top reviews on the web.

We're doing the Unthinkable...

Not only are you receiving contact information for over 100 top journalists but we also share many of the tips and tricks of the trade.  

Public Relations professionals charge anywhere from $75 to $500 an hour or more.  Most require a monthly retainer ($5 – $10,000 range, with a minimum 6 – 12 month commitment) to be paid before the work begins. They definitely don’t want you to learn the tips and tricks we are sharing in The Press System.

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